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ShowYourColours: We have developed bracelets with a design that is unique in the world. Jewelry with meaning. Jewelry for eternity. Show your colors.

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Not Everything

that is faced can be changed, but nothing can be changed until it is faced. (James Baldwin)


Der Armreif ist ein Statement. Durch farbige Lederbänder kannst Du Deinen Armreif perfekt an Dein Outfit und Style anpassen.

Design & Meaning

The ShowYourColours bracelets are timeless, charged with positive energy and unique in the world.

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High quality, sustainable, fair. The bangles are sturdy and made to last.

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The four colors symbolize diversity - show your colors.

Four hearts symbolically show that racism and misanthropy can only be countered together and with heart.

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Listen to ShowYourColours Sound #1 and download it for free! Made in Hollywood by Alexander van Bubenheim.

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