The SYC bracelets have a design that is unique in the world. Here's the story:

Thousands of years ago, jewelry meant more than anything. Jewelry was not only used to decorate and embellish, but was also intended to convey messages.

We think that's a good thing and want to revive this idea.

ShowYourColours creates designer jewelry with meaning.

The design of the SYC bracelets is unique in the world and very special:

The bangles are made of metal that is infused with organic material - not the other way around: a bangles with a small opening through which a red leather strap is threaded.

One model has the ShowYourColours symbol engraved, the other precisely cut out with a laser beam.

The wearer's skin visible through the hoop if you look closely. show your colors. ShowYourColours.

With a tiny engraving on the inside, the jewelry is also a reminder of an event that should remain unforgettable and that must never be repeated. This means that the bracelet is also a memorial bracelet.

Due to their simplicity, the bracelets can be easily combined with other accessories.

You can flexibly adapt the bracelets to your personal, daily look with colored leather bracelets.

The SYC leather straps can be recognized by the small stainless steel sleeve with the embossed ShowYourColours symbol.

ShowYourColours bracelets are extraordinary jewelry that is timeless and has symbolic power.

The hoops are charged with emotional energy that empowers the wearer.

The symbol with the four hearts can be found in every piece of ShowYourColours jewellery. You can find the meaning of the symbol here.

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