Racism is an ideology according to which people are categorized and judged as a "race" based on physical characteristics - which suggest a certain ancestry. The characteristics used for differentiation, such as skin color, body size or language - sometimes also cultural characteristics such as clothing or customs - are interpreted as fundamental and determining factors of human abilities and characteristics and classified according to value.

Racists usually regard people who are as similar as possible to their own characteristics as superior, while everyone else is discriminated against as inferior.

With such outdated racial theories, various actions were and are justified that contradict today's general human rights. (…)

Regardless of their origin, everyone can be affected by racism.

People with racial prejudice discriminate against others based on such affiliation; institutional racism denies advantages and benefits to certain groups or privileges others. Racist theories and argumentation patterns serve to justify power relations and to mobilize people for political goals.

The consequences of racism range from prejudice and discrimination to racial segregation, slavery and pogroms to so-called "ethnic cleansing" and genocide.

Biologically, there is no justification for subdividing the recent species Homo sapiens into “races” or subspecies. In human biology, in order to examine certain geographically different characteristics of humans, individual populations are defined instead, which are only related to the examined characteristic or are made arbitrarily in advance. Even if insights into the history of human origins are gained from this and the layman believes that there are apparent similarities to racial concepts, they are neither suitable for taxonomic purposes nor do they prove the biosystematic division of humans into subgroups. (…) *

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