Racist attack on the subway

A 46-year-old was the victim of a racist attack on the subway on Tuesday. A 43-year-old insulted her and pushed the woman out of the stationary car.

A 46-year-old woman was racially insulted and even physically attacked on the subway on Tuesday, December 12, the police said on Friday. Disputes broke out between the woman living in Munich and a 43-year-old man on Tuesday afternoon around 3:20 p.m. while driving. When the subway stopped at Sendlinger Tor, the man initially racially insulted the woman several times because of the color of her skin; he then pushed the 46-year-old out of the car, causing her to fall and sustain minor injuries. Alerted police officers temporarily arrested the 43-year-old.

A preliminary investigation into insult and bodily harm was initiated against the man from Munich. After completing the necessary police measures, he was released. The woman was taken to a hospital by paramedics, where she was treated as an outpatient. The investigations are carried out by the state protection of the police headquarters in Munich.

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