Racism against blacks widespread in Germany

More than half a million people of African origin liev in Germany. A non-representative study, the Afrozensus, suggests, that a majority of them experiences racism in many areas of life. According to the study, approximately two thirds of the 6000 respondents say, compared to their white classmates or fellow students, they have received lower grades in schools or universities due to racist prejudice. Two thirds also said that they are not taken seriously when reporting ailments in the doctor’s office. More than half of the participants explained they had been stopped and checked by the police for no reason. Just as much have been mistaken for drug dealers.

According to the study, anti-black racism even overshadows the search for a relationship: Almost 80 percent of all respondents said, they received sexualized comments on their looks and presumed origin, while online dating. Over 90 percent did experience strangers touching their heir without asking. 70 percent were discriminated against while looking for a flat; among black Muslims, it even was 90 percent. The study, conducted in 2020, also showed, discovered something else: More than 90 percent explained, that they were not believed, when they talked about their experiences with racism. 75 percent of the affected said, they wouldn’t even speak out about racist encounters.
Only 2,7 percent reported, that they had never experienced racism.

The Afrozensus is the first systematic study about the living conditions of people with African heritage in Germany. The Authors are planning on continuing their research and publishing the results in English and French, as well.

The participants were from 114 countries, the youngest being only 16 years old, the oldest 102. Seven out of ten respondents were born in Germany.

Source: Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung

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