Against Hatred – Carolin Emcke

The aim is to mobilize what the hater lacks: the ability to irony, to doubt and the vision of an open society. Carolin Emcke

Carolin Emcke, one of the most important intellectuals of our time, speaks in her committed essay "Against Hate" on the major issues of our time: racism, fanaticism, hostility to democracy. In the increasingly polarized, fragmented public sphere, the type of thinking that only allows for doubts about the positions of others, but not about one's own, dominates. Carolin Emcke opposes this dogmatic thinking, which takes no account of nuances, by praising the polyphonic, the »impure« — because this is how the freedom of the individual and also of the deviant is to be protected. Democracy can only be achieved with the courage to contradict hate and the desire to endure plurality and to negotiate. Only in this way can we successfully confront the religious and nationalist fanatics, because differentiation and precision are what they most dislike.
For all those who are looking for convincing arguments and food for thought to defend a humanistic attitude and an open society.< /p>

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