Racism: Black minister 'mistaken for restaurant staff'

One of Wales' most senior politicians said he is often asked if he is a member of staff in restaurants, because he is black.

 "If I were a white man relatively smartly dressed going to a place like that, that isn't what people would ask," said Vaughan Gething.

Mr Gething said: "People assuming that I'm a member of staff, not that I'm someone who's there to eat in a restaurant with my wife... it has happened on a regular-enough basis."

He became a familiar face on TV last year when he was the health minister and was in charge of handling the Welsh government's Covid response.

"Lots of people who look like me will have had a range of experiences in their life that we'll recognise as in common," he said.

His experiences will also affect the conversations he needs to have with his young son, he added.

"I want to have a normal conversation with my son.

"The problem is, it's a normal conversation for a parent like me to have with their child at some point that says the world isn't fair because of how you look.

"I don't think other people who don't ever have to have that conversation always appreciate that it's a necessary part of what you need to help your child with to get through life.

And it’s part of remembering that whilst things have improved over history and over time, we are still not in a position where we could say enough has been done.

Source: BBC News

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