Following the assassination of George Floyd on May 25, 2020 and inspired by the Black Lives Matter movement in the US, we decided to also speak out against racism, against violence and for to engage diversity.

#show__your__colours – SHOW YOUR COLORS

We want to help people stop looking the other way and instead “show their colors” when confronted with racism. That they show to the outside world that racism and violence are not acceptable to them. Never. Because racism not only culminates in the murder of people, but takes place on a small scale every day: racism has many ugly faces. Here in Europe, too, it is currently being shown above all by increasing xenophobia, growing anti-Semitism, rejection of minorities and a political shift to the right in many countries. There are many organizations around the world that work against racism. However, they often lack the financial means to optimally spread their message.

Proceeds from the sale of the #show__your__colours bracelets support non-profit organizations in Europe and the USA. Once a year, we publish a transparency report that documents the use of funds and makes them traceable. The #show__your__colours-bangles were developed in cooperation with young European designers and are a high-quality combination of metal and leather. The #show__your__colours project achieves four goals simultaneously:

  1. To wake up and encourage people to stand up against racism and for diversity
  2. Showing this point of view to others by wearing the bracelet and thus promoting dialogue
  3. To support other organizations around the world with the donations that are pursuing the same goals
  4. The dissemination of the message and the project through media cooperation